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Understanding the types of coverage and their benefits may help you decide what sort of package you need for your own auto insurance policy. And it could also help you compare the offerings of competing insurance carriers. The cost of your insurance will depend on the types and levels of coverage that you elect, your age and driving history, and a host of other factors. Below, we’ve shared a few benefits of liability, collision and comprehensive coverage:

Benefits of Liability Coverage

Liability car insurance provides you with peace of mind. It helps to protect you against your driving errors. If you are found at fault for damaging someone’s property, crashing into another vehicle or hitting a pedestrian, your liability coverage could pay for those costs up to the limitations of your policy.  If you are the victim of someone else’s driving error, which causes you injury and possible hospitalization, your expenses could be covered by the other driver’s liability policy coverage and up to its limitations, if the other driver is found liable.  If the other driver is driving without insurance, then your PIP and uninsured motorist coverages could cover your medical expenses up to their contractual limitations.

Benefits of Collision Coverage

While you may be a cautious, defensive driver, your ability to drive does not protect you from other drivers. Collision by its simplest definition means either rolling your motor vehicle or colliding with another object, regardless of fault.  Hitting an animal, which causes damage to your motor vehicle, is generally covered by comprehensive coverage and not by collision insurance.  Payment for damages to your car are calculated by establishing its actual cash value, which means (Cost to replace your vehicle, MINUS depreciation), and then minus deductible.  This same formula is used by the other insurance company in establishing how much they could pay you for your damages, IF their insured is found to be liable.  You are not mandated to carry comprehensive or collision coverage, but most lending institutions require the coverage if they are financing the purchase of your motor vehicle. Check with WelPland™ Insurance SE Portland to find out if you are eligible for Gap coverage, which protects you in the event you are “upside down” in your loan and your vehicle is totaled as a result of a collision or comprehensive claim

Benefits of Comprehensive Coverage

Bad weather as well as people can wreak havoc on your personal property. Comprehensive coverage includes damage to your vehicle due to storm, flood, hail, fire, theft or vandalism. If a tree falls on your car in a storm or your vehicle incurs damages from an earthquake, then a comprehensive claim could also be made.  If your car is determined to be totaled as the result of a comprehensive claim, then the same formula, as above, is used to determine the actual cash value of your vehicle. Generally, your comprehensive would provide coverage for a broken side glass or a cracked windshield, subject to deductible. Be mindful of the fact that your motor vehicle is NOT covered by your Home Insurance, even if it is stored in the garage.  Motor vehicles need to be protected for damages by motor vehicle insurance.


It is difficult to exclude a spouse from an Auto Insurance policy.  Some insurance companies would, under specific conditions, but the majority of them will not under any circumstances, especially if that person is “physically capable” of operating a motor vehicle.  It can be equally difficult to exclude other members of your household, whether they are related to you or not.  Oregon’s Auto Insurance Policy Form, for example, is very broad, which makes excluding drivers, especially a spouse, challenging.

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