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Fall is around the corner and rain is on the brain! Living here in the Pacific Northwest, rain is part of our daily lives. In fact, since the New Year, we’ve seen 108 days of rain totaling 28.40 inches. That’s some serious rainfall. Unfortunately, inclement weather is a leading cause of car accidents. Heavy rain can cause loss of visibility on the road and slippery pavement can diminish our ability to handle our vehicles.

Far too many of us don’t make thoughtful changes to our driving habits while operating our vehicles in bad weather. As such, WelPland™ Insurance would like to offer the following tips for safe driving in heavy rain:

• Be especially careful after a long, dry period. Oil and grease builds up on the road and the first rain releases them, creating slippery driving conditions.

• Always use your headlights in the rain – even if it’s just a sprinkle. Headlights help you see and be seen in wet weather.

• Slow down and allow for extra time to arrive at your destination. Take your turns and curves with caution.

• When you need to stop the car, begin braking earlier than usual to allow for extra stopping distance. This also signals the driver behind you that you’re planning to come to a stop.

• Avoid puddles if at all possible. Large puddles can disguise road hazard like potholes. Also, the splash could send water into your car’s engine compartment and damage the electrical system. If you do cross a puddle, tap your brake lightly to help dry off the rotors.

• Be vigilant about pedestrians. Chances are, their field of vision is blocked by rain gear and the rain tends to muffle sounds that usually alert pedestrians to oncoming traffic.

• If the rain is so heavy that you can’t see the road or the car in front of you, pull over and wait for the storm to die down. Drive safe and arrive alive!

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