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Looking for specialty and auto insurance in Portland, Oregon? WelPland™ Insurance Southeast Portland Office is a team of independent, informed and friendly local insurance agents with an expertise in the following:

Hard-to-Place Portland Auto Insurance  
We can accommodate you with hard-to-place insurance risks such as a house that is located in a fire risk area or a driver in your household with a less than exemplary record. If you have tickets or accidents on your driving record or if you’re looking for an SR22, we’ll get you covered.

Preferred Auto, Home & Specialty Insurance
Protect your personal possessions with affordable Portland auto, home, and specialty insurance. Our goal is to find you the right coverage at the right price! Don’t just get coverage; we offer great discounts as well. Contact a Portland insurance specialist at WelPland™ Insurance in Southeast Portland today to learn more.

Small Business Insurance 
We offer a full range of coverage for all of your small business insurance needs through Oregon Rapid Bonding, a subsidiary of ours. We offer contractor license bonds, commercial property protection, general liability insurance and more. Contact Tammy Reinecke-Wong at 503–774–1986 or visit her website at: www.oregonrapidbonding.com.

As Independent Agents, WelPland™ Insurance works for you and not the major insurance carriers. As such, we’re able to customize the right plan and the right price! We will explain the insurance options available to you in clear, concise language so you can easily choose the policy and the carrier that fits your own personal needs. We strive to give you peace of mind in knowing that you, your family and your investments are covered.

Contact WelPland™ Insurance today for more information or click on “Get a Real Time Quote” to get the best discounts available.