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Have you ever had an accident where you lost your home to exploding tofu like this woman?  Does your insurance cover it?

Watch this video.

Did you know that if this young woman had a Renters’ Insurance policy, the $15,000 loss would have been covered, even the cleanup?  WelPland™ Insurance Southeast Portland Office can write the coverage for you.

Did you know that a Renters’ policy would pay for you to live elsewhere until the mess is cleaned up?

Have you read or heard about Apartment building fires from which all tenants were not only evacuated, but were not allowed to return to their homes until all properties were deemed safe?  The Red Cross helps fid housing for many, but with a Renters’ policy written for you by WelPland™ Insurance Southeast Portland Office you can find your own temporary housing.

Don’t let any of things throw your life completely off kilter.  Contact WelPland™ Insurance Southeast Portland office at 503-777-5406 or drop by our office.  5845 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR  97266