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When it comes to shopping for Portland auto insurance,  there are a few myths and misconceptions that you will come across. Does the type and color of your car affect your auto insurance quotes? Is your driving record the only thing that influences your Portland auto insurance premium?

Keep reading to find out!

Myth #1: A Red Car Translates to Higher Insurance Rates

A lot of people believe in this myth! However, the color of your car has no role in determining the insurance premium that you are going to get.

Myth #2: A New Car Means Higher Insurance Rates

This is not always true. There are a few types and models of cars that are generally priced high when it comes to Portland auto insurance, and having a new or old car is not always the criteria of determining what your insurance premium is going to be. Ask around or do your research online to learn more about the types and models of vehicles that may influence your Portland auto insurance rates.

Myth #3: My Driving Record is the Only Thing That Determines My Portland Auto Insurance Rates

Not true. Although having a good driving record will help you in getting affordable insurance rates, it is not the only thing that is going to influence your insurance premium. Aside from your driving record, the insurance company may also consider your credit score, the usage of your car, your age, the theft rate in your area etc….

Myth #4: My Insurance Premium Will Be Difficult To Get If I Drive a Sports Car

Again, this isn’t true! At the end of the day–if you are driving responsibly and not violating any traffic rules–it does not matter whether you own the latest sports car or a vintage Chevy.  If you maintain a good credit score and driving record and research and compare insurance rates before buying, you can definitely get your hands on a decent and affordable Portland auto insurance premium!

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