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If the operator of a motor vehicle in the State of Oregon is cited for DUII and it is the first alcohol related offense in a 10 year period, the Presiding court MAY authorize the driver to complete a Diversion/Alcohol rehabilitation course.  By doing so the Court would set aside any criminal charges for the DUII offense.  The Diversion course must be completed within 12 months from the date of the Court’s authorization to attend the course or a conviction of DUII is “automatic”.  If at any time during that 12 month period the driver’s license is suspended and the driver needs to drive to work, care for children, etc., an SR22 filing is required.  We at WelPland™ Insurance, SE Office, can provide the SR22 for as long as the driver needs it.

Oregon House Bill 3075, effective January 1, 2012, now mandates another requirement to complete the Diversion certification–the installation of an Interlocking Ignition Device.  The cost is generally $130 for installation, which includes the first monthly payment and then approximately $80 per month thereafter for possibly as long as 2 years.  In some situations, the driver may be required to install an IID in any work related vehicle(s).

More information can be found in this article in the Oregonian, June 24, 2011.