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Before you start searching for cheap SR 22 insurance, it is important to learn about the specifics and whether or not you are eligible and how can you make it more affordable and feasible. Take a look at the most common FAQs that people have about SR 22 insurance in Portland:

What is SR-22 and SR-22 Insurance?

SR 22 is not a type of insurance on its own—it is actually a legal document that accounts for your driving authority and responsibility on the road. If you are involved in some kind of traffic violation, have repetitive traffic offenses on your account or are charged for a DUI or DWI, you will have to file for SR 22. People with SR-22 need something beyond a standard auto insurance policy–they need to find a special kind of auto insurance termed as SR 22 insurance.

Who is Eligible for this Kind of Insurance?

Not everyone is eligible for SR 22 insurance – it is meant for high risk drivers only who have had a DUI, DWI or severe cases of traffic violations on their driving record.

How Long Will I Need This Insurance?

Typically, SR 22 insurance stays on a driver’s record for up to three years. During this period of time, if you maintain a consistently good driving record, you can get rid of the charge and reapply for a normal auto insurance soon!

Is SR-22 Insurance Very Expensive?

It is a common misconception that cheap SR 22 insurance does not exist. If you maintain a good driving record, research for the right insurance plan and company and are eligible for discounts and privileges, you can save a large chunk of cash on your insurance premium! Get in touch with us now to learn how we can help you find cheap SR 22 insurance in Portland and get ready for financial freedom today!