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Searching for cheap SR 22 insurance? Here are a few tips that will help you find an affordable and reliable insurance plan. Take a look:

Who Needs SR 22 Insurance?

SR 22 Insurance is a special type of insurance meant For High Risk Drivers who have had DUI convictions, traffic violations or auto accidents in their record. It’s a common misconception that if you have a poor driving record you can’t get driver’s insurance. However, the truth is that not only can you get insurance but you may also be eligible for cheap SR 22 insurance if you do the right research.

SR 22 Insurance is Not Always Costly

Think getting cheap SR 22 insurance is impossible? Take a look around. A lot of companies offer affordable insurance plans to high risk drivers. Additional factors such as your age, your area and your credit score also contribute in your favor and can help you find discounts.

How to Get Cheap SR 22 Insurance

To get cheap SR 22 insurance, start researching on the internet for companies that provide high risk insurance plans in Portland. Compare rates and research their services to select the best company. Your credit score, age, type of car and any safety equipment installed can also help in getting cheap SR 22 insurance.

SR 22 Insurance Doesn’t Last Forever!

If you maintain a good driving record for a certain amount of time, mostly 3 years, you can get rid of the SR 22 insurance requirement. Once you fulfill this condition, you can revert back to a normal insurance policy and get more affordable insurance rates.

Compare Insurance Companies before Filing for Cheap SR 22 Insurance

With the right research and comparison, you can definitely find a cheap SR 22 insurance premium for yourself. Start comparing insurance quotes online or contact us for more information.

Use an Independent Agent at WelPland™ Insurance!

WelPland™ has local, independent insurance agents ready to help you get the cheapest SR22 coverage possible!  If we see an opportunity for a discount, we may contact you during the process to help you get the best deal possible.

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