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SR 22 coverage is needed by drivers who have lost their driving privileges due to traffic violations or DUI records. It is actually a form in which you give proof that in light of your risky driving history, if you ever get into a road accident, you have enough finances intact to pay for the damage and repair costs to the other party.

Finding cheap SR 22 insurance can definitely be a challenge. This high risk insurance comes at higher rates as compared to normal insurance available in the market. Though it is a common perception that this coverage is going to be expensive, you can save a lot of money if you plan promptly and research accordingly.

Follow these guidelines to find a cheap SR 22 insurance quote in Portland:

Check Out Specialty Insurance Quotes

Several companies offer special packages for drivers with DUI or a weak riving record. Checking them out is a great idea as you can get hands on cheap SR 22 insurance quotes through them.

Research Before You Decide

Comparing insurance quotes online is a great way to find the best rates and save thousands of dollars worth of interest. Check out different options and various packages before you make the final decision.

Take Some Safety Measures

There are certain safety measures that decrease risks of accidents and help you find cheaper insurance quotes. For example, if you have an ignition lock on your steering wheel or a telemetry device installed, the insurance company may give you a better rate. Getting defensive driving training is also helpful.

So the bottom-line is this – it is indeed possible to get cheap SR 22 insurance quotes, but you need to look around, ask around and contact the right professionals. Get in touch with us today to find cheap SR insurance quotes that will definitely fit in your budget!

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