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If you need SR22 insurance, you don’t have to be told how expensive it is. Having a DUI conviction makes you appear a higher risk, and insurance companies are in business to make a profit. Although you’ll have to spend a few years paying higher rates than somebody with a perfect record, you can take steps to make your bill as cheap as possible.

1. Own Your Car

Cheap SR22 insurance comes when you purchase liability coverage only, and just for the minimum allowed in your state. You can only do that if you own your car free and clear, since lenders will require you to carry comprehensive coverage to protect their collateral.

2. Drive a Beater

The cheaper your vehicle, the cheaper the insurance. Drive a simple, reliable car and save your dream car budget for when you once again qualify for regular insurance. Many people who need SR22 insurance opt to get a motorcycle license, since their the cheapest SR22 insurable vehicles on the road. Driving something less expensive also helps you be able to own it outright.

3. Use an Independent Agent

You know everything you need to about what you do for a living, but can’t be expected to know the details of cheap SR22 insurance. An independent insurance agent does know, and makes their money as a cut of the insurance company’s fee. The insurance costs the same as if you found it yourself. ¬†WelPland has local, independent insurance agents ready to help you get the cheapest SR22 coverage possible!

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