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Are you a proud owner of a jet ski, speed boat, sailboat or cabin cruiser? Do you love enjoying a relaxing cruise every now and then to let go of stress and worry? Make sure you get boat insurance to cover your back and receive financial compensation in case of any accident or theft. That’s right – getting boat insurance is as important as getting car insurance. Choosing the right policy may prove to be one of the best financial decisions you ever make!

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Typical boat insurance provides coverage against any boat accidents, theft or any environmental hazards or natural calamity that affects your boat. Mover, it is important to know that not all boat insurance policies are similar – check with your insurance provider to see what equipment in your boat is being covered and what risks are identified in the claim.

How Can You Save On Your Boat Insurance Policy?

Typically, a lot of people stay away from getting boat insurance because they use their boat on a minimal basis and think of the insurance payments as an extra burden on their budget.

But did you know that you can get certain discounts for your boat insurance and save your hard earned cash from day one?

Yes that’s right! Several boat insurance policies offer discounts to drivers who have safety equipment installed in their boats. Discounts can also be earned on the basis of any boating certifications or courses in navigation and seamanship that you have taken.

Check Out Boat Insurance Quotes Today

Want to know more about boat insurance policies and how can you get the best quote and save money? Contact WelPland™ Insurance Portland Oregon for more details and expert advice on finding a boat insurance policy that fits your requirements and budget. Click here for our online quote or call 503-922-0904 to get started today.

Till then, happy sailing!