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In Portland, smart auto insurance starts with getting the coverage you need. But if you’re ever in an accident, your decisions and actions immediately afterward can make a huge difference in your eligibility for insurance, your driving record and whether or not you’re cited by officers on the scene. Consider these three all-too-common mistakes drivers in an accident make every day.

1. Admitting Fault

If you admit the accident was your fault, the other driver’s auto insurance company can use that against you if the accident goes to court. Even if you feel you’re at fault, remember that you’re likely to be rattled, frightened and worried. You’re in no condition to decide who’s fault the accident was. Leave that to the investigators who do it for a living.

2. Getting Insufficient Information

A Portland auto insurance company lost a claim last week because their client failed to get enough information from the other driver. Again, this is easy to do because you won’t be in the most resourceful state of mind. Always get the name and auto insurance information, as well as basic details of damage and the events of the accident. If you’re too hurt to do this, or too worried about another injured person, leave information gathering to police on the scene. For any accident that grave, they’ll be there soon enough.

3. Failure to Report

If you want an auto insurance payout, you must report the accident to the police. In Portland, you’re supposed to do this in 24 hours. Even if you don’t see any immediate damage from the accident, make the report. You might discover problems from internal damage, or spot a ding you missed because of lighting conditions or your own mental state at the time of the accident.


The best way to avoid making an auto accident worse is to drive safely and not get in an accident…but that’s not always enough. If you do get into an accident, avoid these mistakes to make sure your auto insurance and the local police have the tools they need to help you. Of course, you need quality, affordable car insurance before you even get behind the wheel. Click here for our online quote or call 503-922-0904 to get started today.