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If you get in an accident driving your own car driving around in Portland, the car insurance is usually simple enough. But what if you’re driving a friend’s car, or your ex-wife is driving yours? These situations create corner cases with your coverage. Different policies treat this differently, but you should understand some of the basics.

Typical Coverage

Auto insurance policies in Portland usually cover the automobile, not the driver. You don’t have car insurance. Your car has insurance, which you pay for and own. This means that most of the time somebody you lend the car to is covered in an accident, even if she’s not named on the specific policy.

Exclusions:  Every auto insurance policy will list exclusions to coverage, for example most policies won’t pay out for intentional damage you do to your own automobile. A few common exclusions to people driving your car being covered include:

  • Anybody driving your car without permission.
  • A spouse or other blood relative living in your home who isn’t listed on the policy.
  • Somebody driving your vehicle without a license, or who is otherwise legally forbidden to drive.

 Getting Started

The particulars of your auto insurance policy will vary, which means you should shop for the policy that offers the best value for your particular situation. When you’re ready to get a quote, click here for our online service or call us at 503-922-0904 to talk with one of our insurance experts.