Wood Boat Insurance…? Welpland™ found it.

by pidadmin on January 14, 2012

Boat Insurance in Portland OR? You bet - Call WelplandI recently sold my house and needed to get basic coverage for a 35′ 1962 wooden hull boat that had been covered under the house policy. Unfortunately, 99.9% of insurance companies will not insure a wood hull boat. I was ready to give up when Jim Wong at Welpland™ Insurance came to the rescue. In 3 days, he found a company that would insure the boat. Even more amazing.. There was nothing in it for Jim! He took the time to find me an agency knowing he would not get anything for the sale.

So after weeks of trying to find boat insurance in Portland, Jim Wong at Welpland™ Insurance takes the time to find it for me… for free. This is a standard for customer service and long term relationship sales that I expect from the big box insurance agencies like Progressive and Geico. Unfortunately, they just take your information, plug it into their system and spit out the, “NO” without thinking twice.

Welpland™ took my info and found a solution. No BS, no waiting on hold, no 5 minute phone tree and auto attendant to wade through. Just an insurance broker who has the experience to get things done, and done right.

Bottom line… I may not have a boat policy with Jim, but everything else I need insured will definitely be taken care of by Jim and Welpland™ Insurance. Jim won my business by taking the time to find me a solution regardless of the sale. Why would you do business with anyone else?

John Ellis

Happily insured Boat owner and Welpland™ customer for life.

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