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There’s no faster way to get the coverage you need than with a real–time quote, and no better place to get it than right here. WelPland™ offers the best car insurance deals in Portland.

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Just click Get a REAL-TIME auto quote and start answering questions. If we see an opportunity for a discount, we may contact you during the process to help you get the best deal possible. Save money. Get the insurance you need. Click for real-time quote now!

WelPland Auto Insurance in Portland, Oregon can help you! Don't let your car insurance trouble keep you from getting insured in Portland.Car insurance…

…you gotta have it. But it doesn’t have to be a hassle. We are the Portland car insurance professionals and we will take good care of you.

Got issues?

Tickets, accidents, or a young driver? Need an SR22, have a suspended license or need a license but have no car?…we’ll get you covered.

Just want to pay less?

Get a Real-Time quote or call us.  We shop around and get the best discounts available.

WelPland specializes in affordable home insurance in Portland, Oregon.Your home is your castle

It’s also where you live and your largest investment. Protect it properly with the right policy at the right price.

Peace of mind

Having the right coverage at the right price provides protection and peace of mind. Replacement home costs in Portland are over $125 per square foot. Is your insurance up to the task?

Get it right

Don’t just get coverage, get discounts too! Contact the Portland home insurance specialists. We’ll walk through things with you and get you covered…properly.

Get the best boat insurance quote today from WelPland - the #1 Insurance Specialist in Portland, Oregon. We work with wood boats, sailboats, ski boats, speed boats, waverunners, and powerboats of all sizes.Got toys…?

You know what they say about men and boys and the price of their toys? It’s true.

…Get to know us.

If you’ve graduated to large toys, make sure your insurance keeps up. If something happens to your boat, RV, motorcycle or other big toy…the payments stay the same.

Get covered.

Portland specialty insurance:

  • – Boat insurance
  • – motorcycle insurance
  • – RV insurance

WelPland specializes in business insurance in Portland, Oregon. From property to liability to worker's comp, we've got you covered.Business Insurance

Businesses need insurance too! Oregon Rapid Bonding, a subsidiary of ours, specializes in business insurance.

If you Need:

  • contractor license bonds

  • Oregon contractors

  • Washington contractors

  • small business coverage

Contact Tammy Reinecke-Wong at 503–774–1986 or visit her website at: www.oregonrapidbonding.com




What our customers are saying...

No Hassle Insurance Shopping
No Hassle Insurance Shopping

“I love doing business with WelPland™ Insurance, Southeast Portland Office.  They take the hassle out of shopping for insurance and keep insurance costs within my budget.”

Wood Boat Insurance…? Welpland™ found it.
Wood Boat Insurance…? Welpland™ found it.

Jim won my business by taking the time to find me a solution regardless of the sale. Why would you do business with anyone else?

Joanna: House – Car – and a Teenage Driver
Joanna: House – Car – and a Teenage Driver

  My neighbor recommended WelPland™ and I have been thrilled with the insurance company they found for my house and car. I also got the most affordable drivers insurance in all of Portland for my 16 year old son.


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